Welcome to Young Masters Kung Fu!

At Young Masters Kung Fu we teach children aged 5-12 years kung fu styles of xing yi, tai chi, yi quan, and wing chun.

Your child will learn how to defend themselves in real life situations using street applications of kung fu; learn the principles of kung fu, such as courage, humility, courtesy and perseverance; and enjoy fun fitness drills too. All of which will help see your child grow and boost their confidence. Lessons are structured, enjoyable and fun, and held in a friendly and safe peer supported environment.

“What and how your child is taught, and their experience at Young Masters Kung Fu is important to me. I like to make sure everyone feels they are part of the group. I also like to be very hands-on, giving attention to every child.”  Sifu Rachel Phillips

Beginners are welcome, and the first lesson is FREE!

Always happy to answer any questions you may have. Use the link below or go to the contact page. Have fun browsing the website and we look forward to hearing from you.

What Other Parents Say About Young Masters Kung Fu...

“My son really enjoyed the class and I was impressed with your teaching style. Thank you very much. You tapped into what works well for him very quickly and I was very pleased with his progress.”
"I think you are a great teacher and my daughter really enjoys your lessons."