What to Wear


Your child should wear black tracksuit/jogging bottoms and a black t-shirt for the first few lessons. After which, the school’s t-shirt (free with membership) or kung fu suit should be worn. A uniform brings a sense of belonging and unity amongst the students, plus instils a discipline and a responsibility. Wearing a uniform to a particular activity also forms an association with that activity, in this case kung fu. So, when wearing a Young Masters Kung Fu uniform, be it a t-shirt or kung fu suit, your child’s mindset and expectation will change and they will feel more ready to train and learn kung fu.

Kung Fu Suit

The kung fu suit serves a purpose - it enhances training. For example, to be able to feel the lightness of the sleeve when arms are raised helps understand and emulate lightness and relaxation. The sleeves’ movement when striking helps to understand the flow and direction of energy. Plus it looks super cool!

The kung fu suit can be ordered using the order form when your child becomes a member, or at any time using the order form in your welcome pack.


Thin soled trainers or plimsolls are needed (any make or colour). We do not train with bare or socked feet. Trainers need not be expensive, but they need to be flexible to allow unrestricted foot movement. Chunky, thick soled, unlaced trainers are not suitable.