Frequently Asked Questions

Black tracksuit/jogging bottoms and black t-shirt for the first few lessons; thereafter either the school t-shirt (free with membership) or kung fu suit.  Please ask for an order form from the instructor.

Footwear – Thin soled trainers or plimsolls are needed.  We do not train with bare or socked feet. Trainers need not be expensive, but they need to be flexible to allow unrestricted foot movement. Chunky, thick soled, unlaced trainers are not suitable.

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Spurgeon Hall, Shirley Baptist Church, Church Street, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5LG.  Entrance is via the car park.  [Click  here for more information and map]

Thursday, 5.00 – 5.50pm.

Whether your child has done martial arts before or not, when starting in a new school they are all beginners. This is because different schools, even if teaching the same styles as others, are likely to have their own requirements for grading.

Children often start at different times of the year and often join an established class; a staggered syllabus is natural and not a problem.  Instruction is clear and broken down so whether a beginner or not, they will quickly feel comfortable and welcome, and enjoy themselves whilst learning kung fu skills.

Not really, no.

i) If it is your child’s first lesson, it is not fair to your child or other students to do this.  Please book so your child can be met before the start of the class to go over class expectations, and importantly, to make your child feel comfortable.  The transition to train with the others then isn’t so scary.


ii) Once it has been agreed that your child will continue to train at Young Masters Kung Fu, then it is important to turn up each week to maintain momentum, allowing your child’s continued development and sense of belonging.

If your child only has the sniffles and generally feels ok, then they are expected to still train. This is to train in them to not give into weakness easily nor give up ‘just because I don’t feel like it’.  It enables them to become stronger in mind and body. More often than not, students often feel better for still having trained…being kung fu!

However, if your child feels unwell, lethargic etc, then of course, please keep them home and I hope they get well soon!   

It would be appreciated if the instructor could be notified if possible.

Unless you are feeling unwell, please still bring your child to class.  Children are exposed to germs and colds all the time, so coming to class with a mild cold is not a problem.