About Me and Young Masters Kung Fu

Sifu Rachel Phillips started training kung fu in 2009, under the skilful tutorage of Grandmaster Nick McCarthy, whose lineage can be traced to kung fu Masters such as Ip Man and Sun Lu Tang, receiving her black sash in early 2018.

Deciding to focus on her son when he was born, Sifu Phillips left the NHS where her work experiences included psychological therapies and research in areas such as older adults, people with psychosis, adults with emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCDs etc. At university she also researched depression and anxiety in young children.

As her son got older, Sifu Phillips was concerned, as any parent would be, about keeping her child safe whilst growing up in a world where violence, bullying and concerns for his safety were ever more prevalent in society.  She wanted him to be strong and skillful enough emotionally and physically to deal with life’s challenges and any potential threats. She decided to turn a hobby and interest into something where she could help other children and well as her own child to become confident and safe, and thus Young Masters Kung Fu was born.

Understanding that childhood experiences influence how we react to circumstances as adults, coupled with the knowledge of the kung fu disciplined mind – and the ability to fend off would-be attackers – she wants to encourage children to be confident in who they are, and have the courage and skills to follow their dreams…as well as being able to stand up for themselves. By using psychological understanding and experience of individual and group work, she will be able to foster confidence and discipline in your child, aiming to bring out the best in them.

Our Pledge to You

At Young Masters Kung Fu, we pledge to ensure your child can train with confidence in the knowledge they are safe and supported.  They will feel empowered, not intimidated. They will train with care, not injury. They will receive quality training that is also fun, not pressured.  Committed to your child’s positive physical and mental well-being.