What Your Child will Learn

At Young Masters Kung Fu we teach confidence, conflict de-escalation, and the skills to self-defend from unavoidable attacks.  We do not enter tournaments or see kung fu as a sport, instead we focus on street applications and keeping your child safe. 

Your child will learn skills from xing yi, tai chi, yiquan, and wing chun.  We train in these styles by way of forms (a set sequence of techniques) and their applications (how to apply techniques in a fighting situation).  Kung fu is a martial art of course, which means at its core is the ability to fight; but ONLY when the need to defend themselves is absolutely necessary, hence learning to be responsible and in control of these skills is also essential.

Your child will learn:



Escape from wrist locks/grabs, clothing grabs, head locks.

Defend from punches, kicks….and more.

Threat awareness and de-escalation.

Also fun fitness and skill enhancing drills.